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8+ Common Shih Tzu Habits You Really Need To Understand

We know that you love your Shih Tzu. It’s no wonder that we’ve already shown selections of 10 photos that prove that the Shih Tzu is the cutest dog on the internet or the Shih Tzu photos that only dog ​​owners will understand, for example.

Although people are passionate about Shih Tzu, it is not always easy to communicate with them and understand the strange language of Shih Tzu dogs. At times, Dr. Dolittle talking to the animals could save a situation that seems completely impossible to decipher, as Shih Tzu cannot convert their needs into clear sentences.

Check out the 8 most common habits of the Shih Tzu

If you have or had Shih Tzu, or even lived with Shih Tzu for a long time, you know that some habits and customs are common, but not always so evident. Here are some common Shih Tzu actions you need to understand to better communicate with Shih Tzu animals.

1 – Staring at you

You might feel uncomfortable when your Shih Tzu stares nonstop, but don’t worry. This is just a sign of affection and trust, which shows that your Shih Tzu has a strong bond with you.

2 – Raise a paw

This act could mean that Shih Tzu is trying to concentrate. Most of the time, Shih Tzu dogs do this when they have an idea or are thinking of solutions to a situation.

3 – Chewing slippers

Have you ever come home after a long day of studies or work to find your Shih Tzu’s slippers and personal items devoured? The truth is, it’s your fault alone. Every mess your Shih Tzu makes is an attempt to communicate with you, and being apart for too long makes him nervous and anxious to see you again. Also, maybe he’s trying to get your attention. Try spending more time with your Shih Tzu and doing physical activities so he can release that energy into other activities.

4 – Sleep in your bed

Many Shih Tzus like to occupy your entire bed at night, vying for space with you. This is a sign that Shih Tzu feels such a strong bond with you that he chooses to be with you even when he is sleeping, sharing the same space.

5 – Get shrunk

If your Shih Tzu is closing in on itself, almost like a fur ball on the floor, or curling up in the corners of the house, it can be a bad sign. The act may indicate that he feels insecure and does not want to be noticed by other beings around him. Perhaps this is because he is injured or scared and needs your help.

6 – Yawn

This one isn’t all that mysterious, as Shih Tzu dogs yawn for the same reasons humans do: they’re bored or sleepy. It’s also important to remember that the habit is contagious, so maybe Shih Tzu’s yawns are just a reflection of their own yawns.

7 – Sit on your feet

When the Shih Tzu gets on its feet, they are trying to tell you that you are a member of their group. The act must represent a great honor for you! However, if generally, your Shih Tzu is very passive or shy, this habit could be trying to tell you that he feels the need for your protection.

8 – Lean on you

Shih Tzu dogs can spend a lot of their time wanting your affection and attention and, for that, they can choose to lean on you when necessary. By doing this, they are just asking for some affection or inviting you to play some special game.

After that, are you ready to communicate better with your Shih Tzu? What did you think of the interpretations of Shih Tzu’s habits?