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6 Ways to Get Your Shih Tzu to Stop Barking Too Much

Make no mistake: Shih Tzus bring a lot of joy into the house! Your life will never be empty again once you have a furry friend by your side.

The problem is that sometimes the silence also goes away when our Shih Tzu decides to bark excessively.

Four-legged companions can bark for a variety of reasons; either because they miss you, or because they want to warn you about some danger because they are close to other animals.

But don’t worry: in any case, it is possible to control this situation.

In today’s post, you will know how to stop your Shih Tzu from barking with 6 simple and practical tips. Let’s go?

Why does your Shih Tzu bark non-stop

Barking is your friend’s way of communicating with you and the rest of the world.

But, when it happens too much, some reasons could be behind this barking. The main ones are:

  • feelings such as boredom, sadness, euphoria, and fear;
  • separation anxiety;
  • a predisposition of the race itself;
  • desire to get the attention of owners;
  • need to demarcate their territory;
  • willingness to alert owners about strangers nearby (people or animals);
  • pain or health problems;
  • call for mating (when a female is in heat, males often bark).

Whatever the case, a SHIH TZU who barks excessively suffers, becomes stressed, irritates those around him, and is at risk of being mistreated at the hands of strangers. Therefore, it is important that we help our four-legged colleagues to stop this behavior.

Top techniques for the Shih Tzu to stop barking

1. Give him something to distract himself

If your Shih Tzu often barks out of boredom and misses you, think of a way to keep him entertained during these times. How about handing him some toys to keep him busy before you leave the house?

2. Make affection

Positive reinforcement is always important when dealing with your four-legged partner. All good behavior should be rewarded with caresses, praise, and treats so that he learns what is right and what is wrong.

Besides, love never hurts, right? Give your Shih Tzu a lot of attention when you are with him and enjoy playing and having fun!

3. Take him for a walk often

Did you know that tours are excellent for your pet? In addition to exercising, Shih Tzus who walk around become more sociable and learn a lot about the world around them, as they become more accustomed to external stimuli.

4. Ignore the bark

If you know your Shih Tzu starts barking just to get noticed, ignore the barking once it starts. So he soon learns that this tactic doesn’t work and stops the behavior.

5. Eliminate the Shih Tzu’s motivation

Some dogs simply bark at what they see in the outside world, finding it strange or even cool.

In this case, a possible way out is to block your pet’s view. If he usually barks when he sees the street through the window, for example, leave it closed or blocked by a curtain.

6. Train your Shih Tzu

You must educate him quite firmly. Demonstrate by your facial expressions that this excessive barking behavior is not acceptable.

You don’t need to raise your voice — the important thing is to always repeat the command when your partner starts an endless barking session.

Finally, if after all this, your furry companion does not stop barking, the ideal is to enlist the help of a trained professional, such as a veterinarian, a trainer, or even a dog psychologist, to find out what may be behind it. of barking.