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6+ Tips For Having A Happy Shih Tzu

Simple tips to ensure your Shih Tzu’s health and well-being forever. He deserves! Your Shih Tzu needs special care to stay healthy and happy Having the company of a pet is really a delight. Faithful and companions, they spare no joy to welcome us, play, and offer affection. But to do all this, they need to be healthy and clean.

Care for a happy Shih Tzu

Veterinarian Ivana Carvalho, from São Paulo, selected 7 very simple care that you should have with a Shih Tzu dog, to free him from minor discomforts and even major troubles. Check out these precautions:

Clean the Shih Tzu’s ears well

To prevent otitis in Shih Tzu – An inflammation in the ear canal, you should remove ear hair at least once a month. In addition, you should clean the excess wax weekly, with solutions sold in pet stores, and put on an ear protector or a very firm cotton ball when bathing your Shih Tzu.

Keep an eye on the pet shop

When grooming a Shih Tzu, the scissors and blade must be clean and in good condition.
The brush must not have any hairs. Fungi hid their cause of mycoses.
The dryer temperature should be lukewarm. Cold can cause flu and hot, burn.
The dryer should not point at the animal’s eyes. Strong wind can cause the cornea to dry out. In addition, the dryer should be 30 cm away.

Cut the nails of the Shih Tzu’s paws

If you’re skilled, you can afford a manicure. For this, you need to have canine pliers and hemostatic gel (found in pet stores). If it bleeds, apply the gel right away. Be careful with very shortcuts. If you don’t feel safe, ask a groomer to do this.

Feed the Shih Tzu with food and wash the bowl well

Nowadays, the rations are more and more elaborate and nutritious. So you can trust it! After the meal, wash and dry the dish well. Humidity is a hotbed for fungus and bacteria, which cause a hell of a tummy ache.

Keep the bed in order

In addition to eliminating unpleasant odors, cleaning the Shih Tzu’s bed avoids fleas. The suggestion is to wash the house weekly with soap and water.

Send the shih tzu to the bath now

Every Shih Tzu has its needs. Those who live in an apartment don’t get as dirty as those who stay in the backyard. In general, the average is bathing the Shih Tzu with intervals of seven to fifteen days.