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5 Tips To Prevent Your Shih Tzu From Scratching

To help tutors who seek to improve the quality of life of pets, Alexandre Merlo indicates the most common causes of allergies and itching.

More and more Shih Tzu is gaining considerable space in the homes of Brazilian families. With this increase in affection, the levels of concern and care also rise.

In this sense, veterinary clinics start to receive more Shih Tzu in the most diverse types of situations. Specialist guides on 5 precautions to prevent itching in Shih Tzu.

Skin problems in dogs: what causes it and how to prevent them?

The Shih Tzu’s diet must meet all the animal’s nutritional needs, regardless of whether it is based on ration or a Natural Food (NA). However, in some cases, Shih Tzu may have allergies resulting from the consumption of certain types of meat or dairy products.

“In addition to allergies, characterized by itching, there are so-called food poisoning, in which vomiting and diarrhea with blood are observed – these cases can bring important complications, requiring injectable medications and even hospitalizations”, comments the specialist.

For this reason, it is best to look for a specialist in canine nutrition and compose a meal appropriate for the needs and limitations of the Shih Tzu.

Cleaning products and cosmetics

Many of the products marketed today have chemical compositions. These elements can contain allergenic agents for Shih Tzu and, therefore, cause not only skin irritation but also cases of intoxication. “Some of them can cause contact dermatitis, skin burns, and symptoms of inhalation poisoning. In addition, inappropriate shampoos and strong perfumes can also bring risks to Shih Tzu”, explains the Technical Manager of Animals.


“Dust can cause allergies in animals due to the presence of microscopic mites, with itching being one of the main symptoms. Sometimes, the owner believes that the cause may be the bite of fleas or other parasites, but in fact, it is an allergic condition that affected the skin because of dust mites”.

Fleas and ticks are called ectoparasites, as they survive from the host, but on the outside of the individual. Therefore, the only way to avoid them is to follow the veterinarian’s guidelines regarding medicines that fight these parasites, as the specialist explains. “But if flea and tick bites trigger an allergic condition in your Shih Tzu, look for a vet. There are medications that can control the itching until the parasites are eliminated.”


The specialist also warns tutors about plants, as they can cause allergies to Shih Tzu. In addition to those that cause allergies, others can be extremely toxic to Shih Tzu, such as “with me-nobody-can” and azalea. Therefore, these plants should be kept out of the dog’s reach, avoiding not only itching, but also vomiting, diarrhea, and other symptoms.