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5 Signs Your Shih Tzu Is Feeling Lonely

Destructive and aggressive behavior, barking and lack of appetite and energy are some of the signs that your SHIH TZU is feeling very lonely

As we already talked about here, having quality time with their tutors is one of the most important things for shih tzu.

Due to the hectic daily life of humans, many animals end up spending some time alone, but this is not something that shih tzu like.

To make up for this time that we leave shih tzu alone, it is essential to spend quality time with them, giving real attention so that the shih tzu doesn’t feel so alone. Check out five signs your shih tzu is feeling lonely.

1 – Destructive behavior

Destroying things is a shih tzu’s way of getting the attention of their owners. Eating furniture, destroying doors, chewing shoes, and scattering garbage around the house are behaviors that shih tzus have when they want to get the attention of their owners.

Since shih tzu cannot speak, they use their behavior to communicate something. In the case of destructive behavior, it could mean that the shih tzu is feeling lonely and/or bored.

2 – Excessive barking and howling

Excessive barking and aggressive behavior can also be signs that your shih tzu is feeling lonely.

If your shih tzu has started to bark and howl excessively, to the point of causing complaints from neighbors, it means that something is wrong. Barking and howling can also be a way to get attention and “complain” about being alone for so long.

3 – Urine and stool in the wrong place

We have already told you here what are the reasons that can make your shih tzu do their needs outside the correct place, and stress can also be one of them.

If this happens especially when you’re out and about, it could be a sure sign that your shih tzu doesn’t want you to leave him alone.

4 – Lack of appetite or energy

Shih tzus who feel lonely may also lack appetite and energy. If for no health reason, your shih tzu starts eating or playing a lot less than usual, the shih tzu may be stressed or even depressed, especially if he’s been alone for a long time.

5 – Aggression

If your shih tzu has always been a sweet, quiet dog and has suddenly become aggressive, then something is definitely wrong. Aggressive behavior can be caused by a health problem or it can be a symptom of loneliness.

Take your shih tzu to the vet and try to give your pet as much attention as possible. Training him so he doesn’t suffer from separation anxiety is also a tip.

At any sign of a change in your shih tzu’s behavior, it is essential to look for a veterinarian to find out what is really happening with your shih tzu.