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4+ Attitudes of Yours That Your Shih Tzu Doesn’t Like And You Can’t Even Imagine

Not everything you want to do the Shih Tzu is obliged to accept. Check out 5 common things that shih tzu dogs don’t like you to do and learn to respect your pet’s limits.

To take good care of your dog, it’s good to know the things that dogs don’t like you doing to them. Some items on this list may even surprise you. However, it is important to respect the shih tzu so that he has a good and healthy life by your side.

Check out some tips for not making mistakes in the care you offer your shih tzu. He will certainly live much better if he gets the attention he deserves.

Remember that the ideal is, in addition to respect, to offer love and affection, as well as a healthy diet and exercise so that your dog lives long happy, and comfortable years in the same house as you.

1 – Not having rules and disciplines

It may sound crazy, but the truth is that shih tzu doesn’t like to live without any rules. Naturally, these animals love routines and enjoy a predictable life.

In fact, in the pack, dogs always obey the commands of a leader, when they themselves do not lead. That’s why it’s important to establish non-violent rules for your shih tzu.

2 – Too much noise
Do you love music and parties at your house? Know that the hearing of shih tzu is much more acute than that of humans. That’s why parties with loud music are among the things that dogs don’t like. Turn up the music volume in your house to let your shih tzu live in peace.

3 – Things shih tzu don’t like: pulling the tail
As much as some owners find it fun, dogs hate being pulled by the tail. It’s not funny and can hurt your shih tzu.

4 – Receive visits from other pets
Of course, this varies from dog to dog, but the vast majority of animals hate being visited by other pets. This is due to the territorial character of the animal.

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