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4 Ways to Reward Your Shih Tzu Who Spent All Day Alone

When we get back from work, we can’t let fatigue stop us from spending time with our shih tzu. Of course, we would love to spend the whole day with our shih tzu, but it is not always possible.

Unfortunately, it is very common for shih tzus to be alone during the day because we go to work or study. And that’s exactly why we should enjoy every second with our best friend.

Here are 4 ways to reward your shih tzu for your absence during the day:

Don’t let tiredness be an excuse not to play with your shih tzu. Don’t forget that he was waiting for you for several hours and missed you.

Shih Tzu Running with ball

Walking and socializing with the shih tzu

Walking is something very important in the life of a shih tzu and if you can take him to a park so he can have contact with other dogs, that’s even better.

Teach your shih tzu a new trick

If your shih tzu spends many hours alone, he needs a mental boost when you get home. Teaching a new trick will fill that role and make you more connected to each other.

Pamper your shih tzu with toys

Of course, we’re not talking about buying your shih tzu’s love but giving him good reasons to have fun. Play with your shih tzu. In addition, these toys will also be used by the shih tzu when alone.

Take some time just for you

It’s no use saying that watching TV lying on the couch with your shih tzu is spending time with him. Take 15 minutes to dedicate all your attention to your shih tzu, to play and/or walk.

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