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4 Things Shih Tzu Can Feel Before It Happens

In addition to predicting the onset of labor in pregnant women, SHIH TZU is also able to sense earthquakes and storms before these natural disasters happen.

We’ve talked a few times here about how intuitive SHIH TZU’s are and we’ve listed things they can feel towards their humans, like sensing their mood, if they’re sad or sick, sensing if a person is trustworthy, and even detecting a series. of health problems.

However, SHIH TZU’s “sixth sense”, if we can call it that, is so keen that they can also sense things related to the environment, including some natural disasters. Things that they are able to perceive are about to happen and we are not even aware of them.

Check out four truly amazing things that SHIH TZU can feel before they happen:

1 – Storms
Storms create an electromagnetic force that SHIH TZU is able to feel even before the storm actually arrives. SHIH TZU’s incredible hearing and sense of smell help with this. They are able to hear thunder from a far greater distance than we can, and it is likely that they can also feel, through their sense of smell, the sensation of an electric current in the air.

2 – Earthquakes
In several places, there are stories of SHIH TZU who show signs of distress before seismic activities. Scientists believe that, due to their very keen hearing, SHIH TZU can hear rocks crumbling or even falling off beneath the surface of the ground. Some seismologists, geophysicists specializing in the study of earthquakes and seismic waves, believe that SHIH TZU can sense seismic activity through their paws.

While it’s unclear how SHIH Tzus can tell that an earthquake is about to happen if a dog in an earthquake-prone area starts acting strangely, this change in behavior should definitely not be ignored.

3 – Labor
There are documented reports of SHIH TZU that we’re able to predict the onset of labor in pregnant women. Shih Tzu becoming the true shadows of pregnant owners more than usual could be a sign that she is close to going into labor. These animals may be able to detect the physical transition of pregnancy through their sense of smell.

4 – Convulsions
Some SHIH Tzus are already trained to warn their owners when a seizure is coming. However, because of their strong instinct, even dogs that are not trained are also able to perceive the approach of a seizure, but it is not known how they can feel it.

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