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3 Must Tricks To Make Your Shih Tzu Not Pee In The Wrong Place

Having a shih tzu dog at home is always a joy, because the love, energy, and affection that this animal provides can make the lives of its owners much more colorful and fun.

Also, on those days when you don’t even feel like getting out of bed, your puppy is one of the few beings capable of making you not only get up but also play and even leave the house for a walk.

Thinking of helping you with this task, we’ve separated three tricks to make sure your shih tzu doesn’t urinate in the wrong place:

Ignore when accidents happen

It sure is hard to watch your couch being soaked in pee and do nothing, but believe me, it can help. When you don’t show any reaction, it makes your pet frustrated, because all he wants is to be the center of attention.

Knowing this, when your shih tzu pees in the right place, pet it, give it affection or treats, because then it will relate the act of urinating in inappropriate places as annoying behavior, while hitting the spot, on the other hand, will be very fun.

Start early

It is best to be able to start this type of training when your shih tzu is still a puppy because that is the age at which they are most likely to learn commands.

Make an investment

In pet shops, there are some sanitary trainers. They can be found in spray or drop presentations and serve to help the shih tzu’s nose to identify the right place to do their business.

If you have difficulty teaching this important step, look for your family’s veterinarian and ask for a referral to a professional trainer.

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