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12+ Feelings Only Shih Tzu Moms Understand

We’ve prepared a list of 12 feelings that only Shih Tzu moms understand. If you fit into this, I guarantee you will identify with these feelings!

Being a Shih Tzu mom is not easy! There are many responsibilities involved, but the love and affection received in return make it all worthwhile.

1- Feeling obligated to deliver your food during dinner when your Shih Tzu gives you that look

2- Heartbreak when you are getting ready to travel and realize he already knows.

3- And being in shock when you get home and find out she’s been… um… “Reorganized”

4- Pride when your Shih Tzu manages to learn a new trick…

5- Joy of seeing your Shih Tzu!

6- Feeling of realizing that you are no longer the exclusive owner of your bed

7- Being perplexed to know how demanding he is about snacks and treats, but that he doesn’t mind drinking water from the pot

8- Embarrassment when he takes to play with a little friend, but all he does is sniff his ass

9- The discomfort of having to give fake compliments when someone shows pictures of another furry. Because you know none are cuter than yours!

10- Remorse when you scold your Shih Tzu and he makes this face:

11- And when you’re away from home, you miss him more than your human family

12- And the joy of knowing that no matter how long you’ve been apart….Whether it’s been 2 hours or 2 years….

You will always be greeted with sincere joy and true love when you return.

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