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10+ Secrets Your Shih Tzu Would Never Tell You

Shih Tzu communicates in different ways, but it’s not always enough to understand them, is it? When it comes to health and wellness, it gets even harder to fix when they’re not doing well. After all, they don’t speak. It would be fantastic if they could describe to us what they are feeling.

But the Shih Tzu who only talk in fairy tales, if they did, they wouldn’t say either. Discover ten secrets your Shih Tzu puppy wouldn’t even dream of telling you:

I’m hurt

Identifying when your Shih Tzu is in pain may not be an easy task. Shih Tzus are great actors and hide when something is not right. It is something ancestral and instinctive. When weakened, it is vulnerable to predators, who sense weakness.

I’m itchy

On many occasions, Shih Tzu owners only realize that the animal is suffering from a dermatological problem when wounds and lack of hair become visible. Before reaching this stage, dogs show signs that they are itchy. If your Shih Tzu dog bites or scratches, pay more attention to him. If it goes over the edge of common sense, take it to the vet.

You’re putting in more food than I need

Shih Tzu and cats will always eat as much as you put in, even if it’s more than is needed. Can you, by any chance, imagine your Shih Tzu refusing food? Believe me, dogs, cats, goats, and horses are capable of eating to death.

I’m tired

Sometimes owners think their Shih Tzu is sulky, hot, and even just plain tired. Care must be taken. Tiredness can hide serious serious diseases such as diabetes, anemia, osteoporosis, heart disease, and cancer, among others. If you suspect your Shih Tzu is overtired, take him to the vet.

You are blurry

It will be very difficult to notice that your Shih Tzu has a vision problem. When sudden blindness occurs, it becomes easier to repair some signs. But when the pet gradually loses its vision, the beginning, especially, is almost imperceptible. The reason for the difficulty of the owners not to notice that the Shih Tzu is having difficulty seeing is that they adapt very well to the new condition.

I’m sick

It’s really hard to find out when your Shih Tzu is sick. Usually, owners only notice something strange when they vomit. If your pet Shih Tzu is salivating or licking his lips constantly, it could be that he is nauseous.

I’m hot

Just as you will never hear your Shih Tzu say that “you put too much food for him”, he will also never say that he is “too hot and too tired to play or walk”. Shih Tzus will endure walking or playing until they reach exhaustion. So when the animal lags behind, whether on a walk, run or play, it means it’s time to stop.

My paws are burning

Shih Tzus will walk on hot sidewalks for hours if they need to without complaining. But you have to be careful: the burnt paw pads hurt too much and take a long time to heal.

What did you say?

Hearing loss is one of the tricky – perhaps the hardest – things to figure out. It is necessary to find out on your own with several tests, at the slightest sign of distrust.

Is it my belly or is it my back?

Another very difficult problem to discover. When Shih Tzu puppies have back pain they behave as if they have a stomach ache and vice versa. Symptoms that something is wrong (either in the belly or in the back) range from chills and tremors to not jumping and running. In general, they don’t act normally. Another visible thing is that a Shih Tzu with belly or back pain will act negatively if caught from below.